For the outliers who see every bend as a new adventure. For the endorphin addicts whose fix is only satiated with an open road and a rapidly racing heart. For both the confident commuters and the weekend road warriors. For the buttoned-up at 9am, zipped-up at 5pm. For the wanderlusters whose memories are inked on their skin. For the newbies who want to learn skills, safety and confidence – without the attitude. For the riders that require gear that merges fashion, function and fit. For the good girls on the outside, the audacious Amazons on the inside…and the men and women who worship them.

For motorcycle enthusiasts everywhere, we are West Coast Roar.

We offer more than top quality motorcycle apparel and gear for women and men. We offer more than safety and confidence courses for new riders. We offer a COMMUNITY where motorcycle enthusiasts of all stripes come together to connect, learn, shop and give back.

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